Combination Effects > Effect.BlindDown

This effect simulates a window blind, where the contents of the affected elements stay in place.


Effect.BlindDown('id_of_element', { duration: 3.0 });


Option Description
scaleX boolean, defaults to false
scaleY boolean, defaults to true
scaleContent boolean, defaults to true
scaleFromCenter boolean, defaults to false
scaleMode string, defaults to ‘box', can also be ‘contents‘
scaleFrom integer value, percentage (0%–100%), defaults to 100
scaleTo integer value, percentage (0%–100%), defaults to 0
duration float value, in seconds, defaults to 1.0


Works safely with most Block Elements, except table rows, table bodies and table heads.

Also, if you would like the block hidden when someone first lands on your page, you must use the display: none property within the style attribute of the div/block tag, and not in the CSS class for the div.

<div style="display: none" id = "id_of_element">
Blind content